Monday, September 6, 2010

Today's Headlines News

The latest move announced by Germany’s defense minister prepares the fatherland to lead a consolidated European military force. 
“Heroic” murder in the West Bank, Germany’s “demise,” bittersweet “victories” in Mexico, and “learning” from our mortgage mistakes.
A lack of will leaves America vulnerable.
» The two dirty little secrets of the Mideast peace process National Review Online, Aug. 31, 2010
» Now it’s every Iraqi for himself, Sept. 1, 2010
Australia's Gillard expected to form new government
Nineteen killed in suicide bombing in Pakistan
Afghan foreign troops death toll hits 500 for 2010
Guatemala landslides kill dozens, toll seen rising
Japanese public backs PM Kan vs Ozawa by wide margin
Aftershocks rattle quake-hit NZ city
North Korea to free fishermen after month in captivity
Bomb blast wounds five in Tajikistan nightclub
War, corruption swell number of Afghan street kids
Charter referendum new test for Turkey's PM Erdogan