Monday, September 6, 2010

Along with another hundreds pairs of eyes all around Ubud, I found myself staring up at the darkening sky, helplessly drew a long breath. The rain since last nite got me trapped in the moment of anxiety. An old heavy wet leaf of the coconut landed hard on the already half-broken pottery on the front lawn, vigorously kicked it down, the loose earth scattered and running around the stream of the water. A small flood took place on the front yard.

Sunday was meant to be sunny and all, I said to myself, walking back to the room  and threw myself on the bed. The Family Guy was on air on FX channel from the laptop. I looked at it for a short while before tried to sleep on my side. Two small glasses were neatly took the surface of the white plastic chair, turning their backs to the white glass empty jar.

The conversation was still continuing from the ironing table. Ms. Sri went on with her random topics and attached a considerably high note on each end of the sentence, asked for my response. She and her always bubbly personality accompanied with Adam's never ending enthusiasm for life and play made that morning like any other given morning; merrier.

There was no light on in that small room. A big heap of cover bed funnily rested on top of two mountain bikes on the corner of the room next to one big tall wooden window. Despite the chill breeze from the rain, all windows were wide open, so did the door, and my shirt.