Friday, September 3, 2010


Live in the moment,
I was never really one to plan
So many things I wasn't meant ever to understand
What if Alice imagined her trip to Wonderland
And why didn't Paul have shoes
Like the rest of them did

So many memories I passed up when I was away
All the experiences I couldn't ever replace
All the million times my heart, a part of it break
I guess I'm harder for the hardships that I had to face
Before every single show, I pray 'til I sweat
I give my heart to a thousand people I never met
And then I let it all go, the pain and regret

Hope God forgive me
For the sins that I'm about to commit
Don't wanna get by, I wanna excel

I know life is like the crossroads for heaven and hell
Right and wrong, sometimes It's just so hard to tell
But at least I'm saving others If I'm losing myself
-Travis Garland