Friday, September 3, 2010

I could have a twin brother!

Orchard road. 

OK, I stood up in front of the bus door, some other passengers were behind, talking. Walking out of the bus, my eyes soon looking for a sign of food-court or something. Of course, a sign of it would not be shown outside any building, or mall. And walking into each of these building malls was not a fun idea.

A light lunch. Salad. Whatever. With a bottle of water would be enough, I said to myself. Having eaten two slices of sandwich on the airplane which tasted I cannot remember despite I simply made me full and never wanted to get any sandwich for the next five years.

The first thing I saw above my head was McDonald sign, sighed, I walked in. A few customers took random tables, most were still empty. Two staff were waiting behind the table and the cash machine. The lines were not considerably long, I stood motionless and put the case next to my right feet.

I stared blankly at the menu with some pics on the wall high above the counter, the first question came out of my mouth was, 'Do you got anything that comes with rice?' This Tamil look girl made a face, shook her head, looked impatient. I didnt know why on earth I asked for a rice, but what surprised me more was the fact they don't have rice. What a bummer. I didn't feel comfortable to cancel my order and walk out of the place. I scanned the menu again, Big Mac, please, I said.

With the tray on one hand and black case on another, I went to the far end table in the room, it was an ugly place. My eyes soon caught this fat short Chinese man were fixing his eyes to the mini computer, covered his ears with the earphones wired from the device. His eyes illuminated his exciting expression from whatever he was watching. I returned to my tray. It has a big Mac burger, a small portion of fries, a large cup of Ice Tea. 

'Big Mac,' I said under my breath as if I informed the empty table next to me. Now the Chinese man said something quite loud about something, later I realized it was a portable DVD player, not a laptop. I smiled, not at him, not at any particular thing...

The place was soon was flooded with new customers, carrying babies, or kids, or mobile phones on their hands. I bit my burger half heartedly, gulped down the ice tea without using any straw. Everyone used one. And I did not bother to take a walk to the sauce stand. Left a small portion on the tray, I wiped my hands, rested my back on the wall to support my exhaustion. 

One White woman was talking while munching on her burger, made some gesticulation with her other long slim fingers. What tickled me was her Singaporean accent. Or, maybe she's from Europe and carries her own accent.

Some fat boys were walking closer to my table, heads were turning on all over the place looking for two unoccupied tables for some other friends. Some students of the expat parents, five of them, in black and white uniform with a name tag the size of Walmart's.

I got up from my seat, the sky was bright and proud outside, the street has never loose its crowd which I secretly enjoyed. I sat on the concrete bench in front of the sex shop, a woman mannequin was on one of her knees, in her glorious red lingerie and strapped shoes, long blond hair and beautiful round eyes-look straight to the bench I was sitting in. Some Asian tourists find the shop's display a perfect place to put on their Singapore vacation photo album.

I looked up on my watch. I've been sitting on the same bench for almost an hour. No text from Adam. I frowned at the mobile. 

'Is everything OK? If you got some other important thing to do, it'd be fine, just lemme know,' I texted him again.


I fished around my pocket and got the mobile again. This time I checked out my sent item folder. Suspicious, I checked my remaining credit, effing sick!

I've been practically sitting there waiting while Adam might have been waiting for my confirmation. I let out a hearty laugh, ignored the confused look of the woman that sat alone next to me, a Filipino, I suspected. 

I texted him with the other mobile. Thankfully, he responded quickly, saying he'd come right away. I felt so relieved, my back was wet and sticky, What I really need is a good shower, I thought.

He came in a matter of a few minutes, 'I live not so far from here,' he said, flashed me a sweet smile. He carried himself in a well manner, offered me with cordial smiles and nods.

We went inside a mall. The conversation went on pretty well, I enjoyed his company. 'I'd take,' I stopped, looked at the menu and, for the second time on that day, ordered something spontaneously, 'Expresso, please,' I said to the short haircut waitress. 

'I don't like coffee,' Adam said, sat back on his chair. We talked about many things, it did not take a long time for me to grow accustom to him, it's like an instant friendship. 

Soon after that, he invited me over to his & his boyfriend's place which is just in a less then 6 minute walking distance, conveniently located where MRT station and many shops are just around the corner.

We talked. Laughed. Talked about our past. We talked about our won personal path in discovering our sexuality. We told each other what kind of family we have. We confided on each other some of our bitter past. We talked as if it were the nicest conversation I ever had for the first time. We talked as if we have known each other for ages. It felt so god. Really.

Unfortunately, I've had to catch the flight home. The time were given to us was so limited yet meeting him made my trip worth alot. I am really looking forward to seeing him again and getting to know his boyfriend. 

Adam is a modest, down to earth kind of man. 

Now there's a good reason why I'd be exciting the next time I'd go for another business trip to Singapore: I got a new good friend.

As I reached the airline's counter, I handed out my ticket. She frowned and then looked at my passport. 'Is she thinking it belongs to someone else?'I wondered. She looked at her watch. 

'Sorry sir, but your flight is scheduled for tomorrow evening,' she said as she rose up from her seat, pointing at the small line of text on the printout with her pan.

I'm tired, I said to her instead. 
Anyhow, I managed to buy a new seat on the same departure time, feeling content, happy, worn out, and sleepy. It all was good.