Friday, February 4, 2011

White Noise = Snoozefest

I assume everyone sort of able to define what Sleep is which is speculated to be important for recovery, the immune system, and learning. While the functions of sleep remain not well understood, one thing is clear: sleep is essential for survival. Sure, you knew that alrite and it's OK if you rolled your eyes with the commonly known thing above.

Then there's this term called Sleep hygiene.
If you got another two minutes for a fast fact reading, click on the underlined words.

Basically I don't have a serious issue with sleeping yet there are times when Chris Rice, Lara Fabian, or Bach cannot drag me to dreamland, instead, the music or the lyrics dance around in my head that, somehow, I unconsciously stay awake listening to them song. They work sometimes, though.

Last nite I tried something new, a thing named White Noise which I've read/known from last year without any slightest interest in giving it a try.  I used the online music from Sound Sleeping and picked Flute Song, Ocean, Rain, and Cricket sounds. For the rest of the night. It was still a few minutes past eight but they indeed got me slept soundly just like that!

Woke up at six, started the day with a good feeling warms up and worked my hand around the dumbbells. And hell yess, tomorrow is already weekend! Parfait!!