Friday, February 4, 2011

This post might cause nausea or seasick, or just a total boredom

These are basically some random notes which I took on my stained notebook while I was on three-night business trip to Singapore last week. Remember, they are random and essentially has no much points.

The Flight to Singapore has been the most impressive flight I've ever had due to the dramatic hectic sudden airplane switchover thanks to the volcanic activities on Java island which forced Qatar Airways first made a phonecall apologizing for the cancellation of the flight, 'I will contact you later with further development,' the Qatar dude said on the phone. I was standing with feet slightly apart holding the end of my jeans' zipper with one hand and the mobile on the right one; the pee couldnt relieved me anymore, 'Great!' I responded, 'Thanks for the phone call, and yes, next time you call me, make sure it'll put me at ease,' I flushed and hang up the phone.

I washed my hands and walked out of the rest room of the shopping mall. From the corner of the exit area I saw O's expression, he was on the phone. I approached him and said, 'I know. I am sorry, this is so uncalled for.' He looked at me with a puzzled face, 'Yes, Qatar staff called me, too.' I explained.

He has set up some meetings in Singapore, everything has been scheduled.

He went to the reflexology shop while K, U, and I went to Carrefour to buy some items. Somehow, I had a good feeling it would turn out okay. And it did. Within 20 minutes or less, the same dude called me again with another office number asking where was I.

'If you can make sure you can arrive at the airport and run right away to Garuda check-in counter,' he said in a happy voice, 'I can put you to Garuda flights early this evening.'

I assured him I would be there before 6.30 pm and I have another two fellow passengers to fly with me.

I asked for his name again and the Garuda staff name I'd see which I forgot as soon as I ran out of the shop and asked everyone to hit the road right away. He didnt send me a written flight swicthover notification text message that he agreed to send.

5 pm is surely a rush hour, the cars moved hesitatingly slow, I could smell panic and impatience in the heating yet air-conditioned car.

We arrived 4 minutes late yet we were the first Qatar passengers to be there, reserved for seats and aboard with some KLM and Garuda passengers at 8.20 pm flight.

As we were about to land in Singapore, the flight circled the sky three times for whatever reason. 'It'd be nicer if they give us this free sky view treat during the day,' I joked, U replied with a weak yawn.


Awkward.  I am not a much talker when I am on a plane or a long bus drive. I'd grab a magazine or an old novel from my rack or recently, the iPod for a rescue.
I was hoping the seat on my left is indeed unoccupied, and I was glad U was voluntarily adjusted his seat for sleeping.  The plane was still waiting for some passengers and there she was...a large-built lady with her European complexion lifted both of her arms to the overhead compartment, sat down on the seat and smiled at me.

'Phew!' she greeted me. And it was the beginning of a rather pleasant long conversation. She's one of the most talkative people I've ever met-and I mean it in a good way. She confided me her journey to Bali islands, her fulfilling joy of sponsoring two poor Balinese kids and her okayish feelings for being a single fifty-something lady. She talked about her past (only one) marriage and her live in North America, and finally came clean with her current financial situation.

'This is a typical Dutch-speaking English accent,' she said when I commented she doesnt sound British nor American. I tried to recall how Servaas or Sjoerd or Cornè sounds like. Failed.

Her built/look and her strong personality reminds me of my beloved landlady in Medan during my univ years. A strong lady with a wonderful heart.

To my surprised, the conversation lasted for two and a half hours! Well, most of the time I was the good listener and she occasionally threw some question which I answered briefly. When we parted our ways,  none of us were bothered to ask for each others' email or number. Next time I bump into her in Bali or somewhere else, I'd run to give her a bug hug.


First nite at the hotel.
Bummed out to know the internet is not free.
Big chain hotel sucks.
Wait, the standing bathtub looks cool. At least there's mirror LCD TV  in front of it.


Didnt sleep well but whatever.
We went to Cathay Cinema,  we chose to watch the Green Hornet basically because it was the only 3D movie that was playing. O's next pick was Burlusque which I replied with a 'nah.'
I laughed my ass alot, U who sit on the far left couldnt get some of the jokes. Anyway, the movie is an average comedy flick, the Easy A is alot lot lot funnier.

Scheiße, I haven't spotted any cuties around.  Major boredom around Orchard road.


I'm not easy to satisfy when it comes to food. Fine dining doesnt mean anything when you cannot get the real good taste of the food, no?

We sat down at the square table, the room was dimly lit and Chinese looking customers dominated the tables though I bet not all of them are locals. It was one of the Italian restaurants in town that was recommended by the Philipino friend's of O.  I decided to get spaghetti  and a small salad.

They tasted Bland. Like those food at a Japanese restaurant.

The Filipino friend told us the local govt advised the restauranteurs to put a healthy dose of ingredients in every single food they serve to encourage Singaporean gets healthier body, 'Look around, you can see more and more slim Singaporean women nowadays,' he gladly explained.

'And the food everywhere has stale taste for good, eh? I joked, 'I mean, you cant expect any good food around here anymore.'

That is an extreme measure of govt effort if I may say, hopefully what he said isn't true. 


It was my first time to Universal Studio Singapore.
Someone was in a bad mood today. Failed to cheer U up, at least he did scream out of fear when we took a ride to whateveritnamed Egyptian in-house rail. When we walked out, the photo-for-sale was ready outside, I looked at it with a sick humor, I was closing my eyes, mouth wide open, head rested on U's right shoulders while he looked hid his fear in what look like a sitting dead body. 

'Eleven dolla,' the Chinese girl said. 

'I don't take that home,' I said and left the decision to U who then just smiled and thanked her.

The Waterworld show was mediocre except the great boobsgirl who is a seriously fierce and fearless beauty. 

And the other thing I could remember of that day is that I had a chocolate ice cream on the way out, wished the theme park was better.

Again, no much hotties around. I spotted two, with their girlfriends. Bummer.

It was crazy.
My first visit to Batam consists of 40 minute fast ferry each trip, a half an hour meeting at a film company compound, and five minute visit to a red-soiled under-construction building site next to a lush golf course.

I could only saw more Singaporeans around the hotels and on the harbor, flash floods on the road, the rain and trees that looked so familiar like those from my hometown.


I started to LIKE Singapore!!

It's a few hours before my departure at Changi, alone. I wish  I could stay longer, catch up with some friends like  Chance who might not be able to meet up.

It's raining. Awesome.


Changi airport is cold as always. I took a seat in front of the three booths that offers free Chinese Caligraphy paper cuts, word paints, and sampling food. Many enthusiasts Westerners around. 

Spotted a cutie whom I assume to be a straight dude. 

Checked facebook and read, 'Now you get the WTF eyes,' from Chance.

Why there's so many old, real OLD Singaporeans are working as cleaning service around the country? This is bothering me.