Thursday, July 22, 2010

excuser mon français

I am so really looking forward to getting to know and meeting new people.

'You can't keep on being sooo picky,'  someone I'm close with advised me recently. The slow ride on the way home. The dusty evening air  overcast Ubud, a thrill of cool  temperature washed my body, I could smell my own body, no much perspiration, just a light headache on the back of my temple.

They were making some silly jokes on my being single. I let out a hearty laughs, tried to appreciate their sense of humor.

At some point, they are so damn right, not that picky part but the fact...Okay, I might have been picky because I do not talk to random people, not running on blind dates, nor indulging myself with trivial flirts with the local gay men. I am probably too reserved and secure the all spare times for dry jokes, and meals, and walks, and roaming around the places with my housemates.

Taking a careful steps in making new friends is nothing I would ever regret yet it is about the right time to be more active and open-hearted in embracing new interesting personalities.

I had a great time chatting with a Belgium friend earlier this evening, he seems so kind and full of life.
Swap messages with a Swiss friend who lives in Kerobokan.
Waiting on my new couple  friends from the Netherlands.
I am trying to pave the roads for a wider and much improved social life. Trying to be a lot more flexible in dealing with people whose unique personalities and preferences sometimes makes me go humming or kicking the loose earth with my shoes, laughing my ass off real hard.

I am loving it!

That reminds me I should get back my lazy ass to my French lessons. Since I (finally) bought an iPod touch, I can totally put lots of helpful audio lessons / tutorials. Excitant!!!

Now, I should get myself to bed. 1:06 am.