Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two thighs and a belly

The determination comes with the consequences. Wait, that sounds a bit negative and yet, there ain't negative thing from doing your first ever workout after 9 year ago.

The only first predictable after-effect is kind of overwhelming. Being an absolute amateur on which simple workout-at-home I should take, I excitingly did a combination from three Youtube videos, all presented by men who have killer abs and biceps, not really what i am aiming for.

It was a few seconds after 6 am, the aircond in the room blew hard, violated the silence of the morning. I watched the three videos and get myself on the ready position: it felt like having a scrambled egg and perhaps I pushed myself to a certain limit because the next thing I know a sudden overwhelming pain stroke hard on the back of my temple, forced my eyes wide shut. My heart raced over and as if it broke free and carried that little broken-paced of a breathing.

I was literally almost collapse. I did manage to grab the end of the chair and threw my worn out body on it, I pressed my right palm on my chest while the other one pressed hard on my right ear, I didn't know why I did that but it felt as if a painful sound seeped into my head. Adam tried to play with my feet down on the floor, might thought I was up for a round of playing minute with him.

God, it was just stupid. I closed my eyes tighter hoping it would help me minimize the pain, I was out of breath, I had never had any seizure, maybe it was close to it, I thought. Ibu Sri was saying something about Adam's poop scattered around the whole rooms, I couldn't respond, couldn't even let out any single word out of my mouth. The cold sweat covered my face, I felt my back damp and my head was still spinning around.

I pretended to be asleep. The tips of my lips touched the surface of the brown smooth table, tasted my own salty sweat, I realized I had taken off my tee shirt, my shorts rolled up so high. I must have been passed out for a few minutes, thank God, no one came into the room.

I wake up early, before six am this morning, wanted to do some round with fewer combination.
I can't.  My stomach and both of my thighs still hurt. It is not that much painful, though, but I decided to skip it today, until I even can walk right especially down any stairs or walk up an aisle without pressing on both of my thighs.

Tomorrow, I hope.