Friday, June 4, 2010

 Everytime someone give me a so-called compliment like, 'You are good,' or something, sometimes I asked myself, 'Am i good enough?'

No, I am far from being a good man. Many flaws I've gotta work on.

I am not treating people nice to gain some respect and I don't want to treat people well solely for the purpose of good reputation. It simply gives myself a sense of satisfaction for knowing I am doing something good.

Woke up at 4 this morning. Friday. A day which constantly provides me a good spirit and excitement...a great expectation of a good weekend.
I jumped out of the sofa and went straight to the computer (yeah, not the smartest way to start your day.) Got a chance of catching up with my lovely Sina and my bestie, Louis (we talked from Buffy the Vampirer Slayer to his broken zipper and much more silly things.)

Talking with these friends, as well as with my boss, washes my heart with a piece of warm good feeling.

Ready to embrace the beautiful Friday!