Sunday, May 30, 2010

It seems that mom has officially made Sunday as a regular long-distance-call day. It was about a death of a relative last week. Her words were broken up by her sobs, 'He died last nite, Jerry.'  I couldn't feel anything because I had no idea who he was, she called him my uncle, just like the rest of people who happens sharing the same Bataknese surname. She has such a big heart, willing to devote her time helping out at weddings, funerals.

She called me this morning.

This time it's about a wedding.

'Your auntie is wondering if you can ........' she went on with the detail. 'I can't promise you anything at the moment, mom, but I have been planning since it's your birthday this coming August, I will send you some, okay?'

She didnt ask for it, I knew, but she had been out of town alot, her business has been bad, but most of all, it feels rite to do so. If there is someone I would unquestionably devote myself to, that would be her. Definitely.

It dawned on me that I won't be able to be home for Christmas this year. The flight will be unaffordable crazy. Will send them Xmas present, instead. It will mark my second Xmas on this island. I am still having this plan of paying one hotel room close to the beach and celebrate the moment on my own. We'll see, need to wait how the job thing will be.

My best friend from Canada will come this early September to Bali and I am seeing the possibility to be there for him throughout his presumably one-week stay. He has been an angle these years, one of the few who selflessly helped me out on many occasion.

I am waiting for my housemate to buy some dinner, if he can make it home soon, or I will go to bed early.