Monday, May 31, 2010

How many times  hadyou shouted reminded yourself there're just so many reason to wear a piece of smile on your face, and it's not for the sake of politeness nor beauty?

Mine is countless.

Waking up early around five with the morning  because of the chill which seeped into the thick Black and White floral blanket. The weather is a bad joke lousy rainy again, and I had unpleasant puzzling dreams, received WTF email at work. At some point, I wished for a perfect beginning of a week, my face stricken, then I realized I was consummated by my unnecessary, pointless anger, and it was close to lunch time-I had wasted the first precious seven hours of the day dwelling in negative energy. I froze in my chair, looked out at the gloomy sky outside the glass window. 'Why put bad facial expression?' I asked myself, I asked myself the second time, the third time, and, out of a sudden, that question sounds funny.  A thin line of smile drew on my face, the rain was pouring down again, this time I noticed the light brown paddies are nodding down to the earth, either because the it is just a matter of time they will be ready to be harvested or it is because they get heavier from the dripping water from the sky. The asphalt road darkened and shiny, I savored the delightful smell of the Balinese offering which is put on my table by the (apparently) new housekeeper.

I shrugged, put my lips on the edge of the tall glass, drank up the whole water inside. I tried to recall the small nice things that took place in the last couple of days, found more reasons to be happy; content in this situation, whatever it feels like, I've gotta find reasons to tell myself that it is okay and i am fine. Putting a piece of smile on my face helps me embraced the happiness itself.

And this song always helps, always.