Thursday, April 15, 2010


I ran through the heavy hard-hitting-in-the-face rain to the other office on the other side of the office compound. It was a few minutes to two afternoon. My starvation which worsened by the air-conditioned room conquered my hesitation of getting wet.

The Easter went well at O's house. Along with Sina, O, and Udin, and Punker, we basically spent the whole morning buying necessary items for the recently done project. The Easter Lunch was scheduled at One pm while at that time, Sina, Punker, and I were sitting lazily in the car seat, my body perspired alot from the extreme humidity. And it was my first speed shopping. Ever.

When we stepped out of the car, three guests were sitting cozily on the front porch, puff of smokes swimming around their faces, heading up to vanish in the afternoon heat. I put my smile on, each step reminded me how starving/tired I was, and the hammering headache in the back of my temple was kind of overwhelming. The idea that we've had to continue looking for more items after the lunch and heading to the office afterward made me lost my appetite. That day, I lost my (only) sunglasses...
Three bowls of salad between occupied chairs. I stood on the doorway, waited for my turn after Sina, to cordially greeted and hand-shaked each guest; they had finished their lunch, the conversation must have been reached the finish line and the food was almost finish, except the rabbit. My first time Easter Lunch. My first time Easter Rabbit, Easter Chocolate first Easter on this Bali island. On the evening, I went to bed with a pleasant thought; my whole family had great time visited my late dad's hometown, the long string of short conversations started from Mom, Uncle, cousins, Aunties, and a few others who basically asked the same questions: When will I come to visit them all (in Sumatra.) Well, it was a nice long day.

Last Monday, I found myself sitting on the front seat next to Punker driving the car talking with Putu Ade in Balinese. Sina was all smiley all the time, observing those two, and me? I was killing the time by singing (shamelessly) along with whatever was playing on the radio. It was the last day for Sina in Bali. We were heading down to Seminyak for lunch. We shared silly jokes but fell silent most of the time. O, FD and AC had already left for USA the day before. O's parents, too. Udin the next felt and still feels lonely because everybody is going.

After lunch, we walked down on the beach, took this photo (taken by Sina herself.) Soaked under the afternoon sun with our shoes off...we tried to savor the beautiful moment...before we had to move our asses to the airport and departed from Sina who took her flight a half and an hour later.
On our way home, we completely fell silent. No one was bothered to unzip their mouth and say anything. Putu sat in the front seat by now, I sat lazily, wishing I could stay on the beach, one of the few things I love the most. That was the day I finally got my haircut, trimmed into a coupe of inches, stared back at by three awaiting customers in that small crampy barbershop which was shaken helplessly by the loud bass from the disco music. I had to wait for four customers, which, amazingly, only took a few minutes to be taken care of. That long haired possibly gay barber is real quick that sometimes it seemed that he was simply polishing shoes with that razor.