Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Heart of the Matter

Heavy rain as if the earth is sick of whatever its inhabitants suffering from. The ********* was finally over yet it leaves some scars to some people I care so much...the pressures...but at least, it was done alright.

I am still trapped in this indescribably emotion washout, the long rugged thoughts of what had just happened, how people reacted under such circumstances saddened me. The mistakes and anxiety...why turned ugly faces, cold shoulders, and some insane shouts?

He doesn't, and never ever will, deserve such heart breaking treatments. My heart shrinks in sadness and my fist held high to know how cold people can be, completely forgotten the carefully paved path that has been established specially for them...the sacrifices and trust.

I know he is still hurt, bad. I can only pray he is taking his healing moment and get through this with a big heart, get them to sit down and talk open-heartedly to find the best solution for the future.