Thursday, March 10, 2011

Open Letter

That's rite, this is the time when I'd like to give my sincere thank you to some precious people that have been making my life has more excitement and joy.

First of all, love and thanks to Jesus, for being my savior.

Thanks to Mom, Renata, and Nenny for being such awesome family. They havent seen me two Christmases in a row yet never fussed about my absence in what supposed to be family reunion season.

A big thank you to Servaas, Louis Labrecque, Tommy, Ellie, Hotman, Heino & Sjoerd for their wonderful friendships.

Thank you to Sina Schlatter, you are always a dear one for me.

Thank you to Green, Lamro, and Robert Floss who were three to spend a long great weekend prior to my birthday.

Thank you to Orlando, Komang, Slamet, Ibu Sri, Del Piero, Udin, Surya, Dewi Natalie, Gede Yudi for making Bali feels like Home.

Thanks to Daz for giving more things to looking forward in the coming years.

Thanks to my Univ ex mates for their birthday wishes: Patmos, Rudy, Cee, Marini and tons of others whose names I hardly remember.

Thank you to Fairoz, Adam Verscurren, Jerry Fetterly, Narcx, and some other wonderful folks that I know on Facebook.

I have some plan, a goal, hopes, and prayers that I'm going to work on as my 28 begins two days ago. Life is awesome, always.