Wednesday, March 2, 2011


A while ago when everyone was occupied with the preparation of some work at the office and I was obviously carried away with the XL works. The rumblings, the talks from the other room finally distract me.
Words were sucked onto the thick concrete wall and the curiosity dragged me to the room.

They were sitting around the small video camera, I peeked in and in a matter of a few second of stare, I recognized it was a footage from Komang's wedding. I stood behind and my eyes followed the scenes of what appeared to be myself eating meal. It lasted for what seemed to be five minutes. Of me munching on the food in a deadpan expression.

"What is THAT?"

"It's you. Eating," one of them noncahalantly answered.

"For that long?" I let out an uncomfy laugh, "I mean," I laughed again and shrugged the rest of the sentence. I just felt silly.