Thursday, February 24, 2011

Look at You now.

This note was written two nights ago.

So I heard the news, watched how they carry themselves.

She went on describing the lasted development while I sank deeper onto the couch, silent and occasionally looked up at the ceiling to distract myself from any chance of anger or annoyance.

It's stupid, I thought.

I'm over it, I said to her though my head was turned to another side of the room. She knew what I meant so she gave me the concerned look, I'ma take the same action, she said.

No, that won't be necessary. At all. 

She looked even more concerned, her face now has shown hurt, too. I mean, they will need you to be around,  I stopped and gave her a nod, And you know that for sure.

I smiled again at her, wanted to convince her that everything is gonna take a right turn even if it would cost unspoken outrage from those less courageous hearts.  We sat there for another ten minutes burned down our own words inside our minds.

I'm just dead curious what is really going on had there decision been made. She gave me that shutupalreadynow look. None of it would change my respect and all. 

I watched her gone thru the front door, head fell down as if it was unbearable. Unfixable.

I spare myself some hopes, retreated to my old happy self and took a listen to some song from the itunes until I realized I have been staying up sitting outside the balcony upstairs in the dark alone since seven pm. Maybe I could get some sleep, 03:00am.

As happy as I could managed, I jumped out of the bed at six before the sweeping falling leaves polished the innocent morning.