Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The internet is a wonderfull thing

That was a direct quotation from Johan.

The email only says one short line:
'Hi there Jerry.'

I looked at the screen for a while, it was my sick day though I was not literally THAT sick, it was merely a sore allover my body, a migraine head, and heavy eyeballs like them eyes were going to popped down in any minute.  I have been attempting to replying emails from work, another few emails from friends, and from Facebook. By the time I re-read that email, I was on the verge of continuous yawn and shift sitting positions.

He was online alrite and responded to my reply less than a five minutes later, not only described he knew me from Facebook but also provided his face pic, a warm smile and a sweet face.

He asked if I have girlfriend. That makes me wonder if he is aware he is trying to establish a friendship with a gay Asian man. Most importantly is whether he is gay like me.

I spare the curiosity for later, wrote back with sufficient answers to his previous get-to-know email.

Anyway, my only expectation is that we can simply stay in a good terms of friendship. South Africa is quite far for a possible crush, no? LOL

He Okayed to chat with me later tonite, looking forward to finding out more about him and his life in that continent.