Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Fragrance of the Rainy Season Part II

I'm finding my own way to get along with the weather, um..literally means I ain't sick worry of getting myself soaked wet on the way either to work or home-because it turns out to happen alot since I returned from Singapore. The shared rain coat which mainly goes for one person only i.e. the one who rides the scooter (it will never not be me, for the time being) cannot save me either.

Last Friday the dark cast of clouds allover the sky stood still with the mildly bright sunset on the far west, we were riding the scooter at a moderate speed, the strong wind alarmed us to be more cautious of another riders or drivers on the small asphalt road that slices neatly the newly planted paddy fields.
Five minutes went by and the dark clouds aggressively joined forces to cover the whole sky...I wrapped my hands on my shoulders, embraced the nature's thirst for some pouring rain.

We pulled over under the big Ficus benjamina (Beringin) tree across the community temple. I took off my shoes, socks, and Grey jackets, put them onto the backpack, gave S a nod to said I was ready.

He let out an impatient sigh before started the motor and soon put some speed, I did not protest.
I felt the wet thigh of mine, the fading Blue jeans got heavier and it became colder around me, 'We're alrite,' I comforted myself, looked on either side of the road hoping for some small entertainment from the faces of the locals along the road.

S hit the break all of a sudden, a thing I've got used to as an addition to his sudden hit on the gas. Both palms held tight on the back of the seat, I caught his hearty laughter which sounds more like a nervous expression. I tapped him on the shoulder and for no particular reason...laughed along with him.

Our laughter roared louder as a motorcycle from another direction rode fast and ill-humoredly unintentionally splashed the dirty stream of rainy water in our direction and they stayed up in the sky for a while, reminded us that simply being living in the moment and taking it gratefully always makes things better.

It's 10:27 pm, the lively songs from the crickets and frogs celebrating the timid rain and afar Hindu prayer song from a speaker become my company for Saturday night.  Lying on my back on the sandy beach would be just perfect with some bottle of beers and streams of people around me would be just perfect but i'll save that for indefinite later.

This is pretty decent, though.

I'ma grab a beer downstairs and listen to some Love songs from the itunes. Have a listen to one of my favorites below.

Found at: FilesTube

Have a pleasant Saturday (: