Wednesday, January 26, 2011

That is my Say-whaaaat!! dance.

Life gave me lemonade and I can’t imagine why
Born on a sunny day, beneath a tangerine sky
I live life without pretending
I’m a sucker for happy endings...

She was still on the other line, let out some good laugh, one of the beautiful music to my ears which i always expect to hear when we are feeding each other news and all.

'Yes, next time to come home,' the trails of the last joke were thick in her motherly voice, 'Bring me a Camcorder.'

'A what?' I asked her, borrowed her thick Sibolgan accent, 'Are you serious mom?' I said after I picture her holding one recording all of us sitting deep into the old set of chairs in the living room, making funny faces.

'And your sisters want a laptop,' she went on, made me fell silent in disbelief, 'they have been talking incessantly about the Facebook thing.' I could hear Renata and Nenny were talking on the background, or was it from the TV?

'Mom, please,' was my only respond, wish I could just afford to buy them

Silent.                         Awkward.

Then the next thing I heard was hysterical laughter from three women that have been making my life more colorful-from the distance. I'd had only met them twice a year when i was in univ, once a year after graduated, I haven't visited them for almost two years now.

'Okay, probably you  need to talk to your sister,' mom said. The mobile soon captured the noise of the evening wind, 'he's waiting,' I heard mom spoke to one of them.

'Don't take it seriously, brother,' a voice spoke out after she cleared her throat, got over with the burst of laughter, 'We were kidding when we told mom about the  need for the laptop.'

Renata went on with the tale of Facebook. A cousin of ours had a long talk over the phone last New Year telling I look a lot fatter better, and she knew how I'm doing from my Facebook photos and updates I-which I hardly update, yes, I have two accounts, one for univ alumn+friendsfromthepast+families and another one which I actively use.

She soon changed the topics and we talked for another ten minutes, mostly recalling  our family happy times.

'Do you wanna talk to Nenny?' 

I wanted and I knew she would say no. She's one of the few who doesnt see phone call defines a real communication. 

I laughed and waited till someone took over the other line, 'Just say my hi to her.'

They were in such a good mood and I need to see them stay humorous and at ease. Mom no longer goes to the morning market reselling the fish. Nenny still has the food-allergic, and mom is still highly expecting Renata to get married soon.

And life will just get better.