Saturday, January 1, 2011

Raise Your Glass to 2011

31 December 10: We hit the rainy road to a small Cafe named Jazz Cafe, a favorite place for some old people where the basic move is erratic chicken dance . We came in a large group and that small placed was shrank in sweat backs and flapping hands. We had to stood on our feet waited for a deserted gazebo or table. I didn't fall for the oldies music that I bet are played/sang every night until a glass of drink and another glass of white wine kicked in.


I ran to the crowded floor, joined Udin and Olivier who had been dancing like there is no tomorrow.
Jumped, hands up, stupid grin plastered on my face, we danced the hour away. The rest of them friend came soon...we thumped, jumped, flapped, bent...smiled at strangers' happy faces next to me and sang along with the Dancing Queen and another string of Oldies I never bothered to know the lyrics. This White lady was totally wasted but her moves and excitement was so contagious!

I jumped onto the bed at two, ran my fingers on my hair, felt the wet from the rain mixed with my own sweat. No much alcohol for tonite, texting New Years greeting would be the last thing I'd do before get some sleep.

I sent away tens of personalized texts, one to someone I had never tried to contact, and another one whose name I am not familiar with, at all. Surprisingly, both of them sent back some hugs and kisses.

New Year is indeed promising more (positive) changes, chances, hopes, and goals to reach, and new thing to find out in the next 365 days.

Things I just I learned  on January 1, 2011:
  • Comedy Central has changed their logo.
  • I digg Lounge music
  • Everyone at home hold a similar slightly incorrect idea: I only go for Classical music. One of them pulled off Drunkard Opera singer last nite telling it was the typical me. They were surprised to find some Dance tracks on my Ipod. 
  • Green's mom was rushed back to the hospital last nite (May God gives her a speed recovery.)
  • Last but not least, I have much hard work to work on my flaws.
  • I am gonna to reconnect with some friends whom I either deliberately or not left behind in the past.
I thank Jesus for the chances that are wide open for me this year. I thank Mom, Renata, Nenny for being an awesome family. Thanks to Heino&Sjoerd, Bote&Joop, Servaas, David Price, David Gapper-Hampson, David Hutchinson, Adam Verscurren, Fairoz Kareem, Orlando Bassi, Komang Pande, Udin, Putu, Ibu Sri, Alfian, Green Tuphank, Lamro Sirait,  Alistair, Swandy, Clarck Curwin, Tomy Saunders, Dewi SR, Linda Silaban, Tika Silaban, Thamrin Silaban, Kritink, Cee, Rudy Sitompul,  Ellie Aritonang, Sina Sclahtter, Anna Schlatter, David Gautney, James, Cornè. These people had enriched my life and I am grateful for their incredible love and supports through the years.