Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love Never Fails You

Please take a listen to the song below before you proceed to read the rest of this entry.

The song pretty sums up what my heart beliefs.

When it comes to Love, I'm not looking for Perfection.

Yes, I have been afraid of getting into the cycle of inconvenient of What-If-It-Ends.
I was afraid of Intimacy.
Rejection will always be there like a noticeable thin air that blows in my dry sun-burned skin.
Jealousy and Prejudice are the never ending lesson to learn.
Understanding and Patience always trying to knock some sense to my Ego.
Hopes and Logic will keep me standing steady on the ground when I am carried away with a flood of painful truth.

Love, however, is one small piece that I can provide with no second guesses. Until He stands there and returns my Yes.

Life teaches me priceless lessons both in good times and adversaries.
Time gives me chances to think and to be ready for what comes along with Love and Commitment.

Above all, I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all. And Love is what I celebrate everyday, always.

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