Monday, January 24, 2011

It could've been done the other way.

Saturday evening had the shivering cold air partly because of the rain earlier that day. Seminyak was getting busy as it always is on any given evening. The small roads which will merely called dead-end alleys in Sumatera packed up with cars lined up on both of the roadsides, blanketed with scooters and motorcycles in between, greedily stole every possible unoccupied spots.

Ud grew desperate as we now drove quite far from the bar, we almost reached the few hotels near the beach when tone of the valet guys who had been stood in the dark of the unlit shops blew off his whistle, sent out some typical body language for park-on-this-spot. I smiled either because we finally could save another ten minute from slow riding aimlessly or simply because of the idea it was the first gay day out of SL with us. He is a self-proclaimed straight man with a funny laugh and admirable keenness in cleaning up things like doing the dish,  mopping the floors, and all. He works in a rather slow motion, washing three glasses can be done in 10 minute, cooking fried noodle and scrambled egg can keep him 40 minutes.

Earlier that evening while we were having dinner, Od did an unexpected thing when SL jokingly asked him about me and why am i still single.

'You didn't tell him?' Od asked me, I knew what he meant but I asked him anyhow, 'Told him what?'

I dont need to wear a label on my forehead or telling everyone that I am gay and ask them to deal with it. What the fuss? It is not Rabies or AIDS that I should tell and warn everyone so they could take a precautions.

He pulled his chair closer to SL and said he'd tell everything, 'He deserves to know, you dont need to lie.'

'I'm outta here,' I raised to my feet and smiled at him, 'I will leave you guys at it.'

I went outside toward the smoking friends who were talking about reincarnation. A Balinese friend tried to articulate his belief while two Swiss friends tried to be not offensive pay some attention.
I looked at them in utter disinterest, looked around, 'Dude, Can I come with you?!' I wanted to pat on the shoulders of a very attractive White man who rode his motorbike slowly a few inches from me.

I don't know how SL real reactions about the whole things, not that i feel bothered or concerned at all, I just hoped it couldve been done in my own way.

With little awkward smiles and laughter,  he seemed okay when he sat cozily at the bar with his first beer.

Whatever he feels, I think all is just fine.