Friday, January 21, 2011


Mom is a real Coffee drinker, Ibu Sri will get her migraine without her morning cup, my ex boyfriend sat his ass at Starbucks more than twice a day if he had nothing much to do.  
I had never been a fan of Coffee and I am not heading to that direction but yeah, I started to drink it after I graduated from the Faculty of Letters back in 2006 and got a bit sick of the Tea.  It must have been less than 60 cups to date. True story.

And now I am gonna keep my pace of one cup a day especially after reading the report below.

Drinking a cup of coffee or more every day can cut your risk of some types of head and neck cancers, according to an analysis of nine studies. Decaf  and Tea don't seem to do the trick. -Reader's Digest Canada 02 February  2011 Issue.