Friday, December 10, 2010

A text message works the best. Seriously.

A phone call. I let it rang for a few seconds avoiding the impression that I was completely available for long conversations. I picked it up after cleared my throat, Yes? A female voice soon pierced my eardrum, what a shriek. She snapped right away with such domination in that tiny yet forceful voice, Who is this? She demanded.

Who are you? Get that cleared out first, I responded, slightly irritated. No, I don't recognize the voice, no name came to my mind.

Who is this? she asked again in a way as if she was in a desperate rush saving more phone credits for another phone calls.

I gave up, It's Jerry. Who. Are. You. Really?

Which Jerry? She went on. What the fuck? I said under my breath, my eyes locked at the stale humid afternoon sky, reminded myself I should make it easier for both of us.

Hm..listen, can I know who's calling, please? I pleaded. I felt stupid.

Which Jerry are you? She asked again. I tried to picture her face from that loud tiny voice, must me a girl around my age or older, it has a quality of a worn-out girl.

Listen, I'm working at the moment, I'm sorry. Call me back after working-hours, will ya? I hurriedly added a quick thanks before I hang up.

She's such a quick typist. In a matter of seconds, she sent me a randomly confused text, Hello, too. Are you Jery?? Where are you now

Yes, she misspelled the simplest name in the world, a frequent mistakes people make, mostly when they want to write down my first name in a form or something.


You know Tom & Jerry? I'd usually give them the hint, a silly smile or nervous laugh, or a simple 'Oh,' will plastered their faces.

I read the text, twice. Having a doubt whether reply it or not, she called back, the number comes from Jakarta area.

I let it rang. Then switched it off.