Monday, November 15, 2010


'Ima take a nice long walk down to the barbershop!'
Her head popped out from the master bedroom, held a broom on one of her hand, she looked puzzled, or concerned, 'Like, walk walk?' she responded, 'that is quite far. No?'
I smiled at her and said bye, tucked my right hand onto my pocket and walked out of the black waist-height gate.

This will take me at least an hour to kill, I said under my breath. A roasting humidity filled the stale afternoon air. Saturday, I had planned going somewhere, or, at least, following the lead from my boss who, as in favor for my empty weekend agenda, said I'd rather stay at home, 'Have fun,' he said as he were about to leave, smiled cordially.

I fished inside my pocket for the mobile; few string of minutes passed nine, my stomach started to growl.

Walk walk walk baby walk walk walk...I kept my head up, looked around, left and right, tried to enjoy the walk. I did. And I sweat a lot. And I smiled. I crossed the road as I approached the  freshly painted in Green barbershop.

Both of the twentysomething barbers were keenly cutting the hair of a small boy and a high school boy. I took a seat on the skin-ripped Green plastic chair. A local newspaper was neatly laid on one of the unoccupied chair, I picked it up without any intention of reading it. You know, it's typically full of cheesy criminal news the locals craving for. A newspaper from two days before. Before I put it down, the barber on the right stool called out for me, reached out for the shaver, he was the one who cut my hair the other day. I knew what I wanted to say but I took my time looking up at hair model photos, all are Chinese faces with random desperate Western hairstyle.

'This one, right?' the barber pointed with his finger on the military short haircut, gave me a confident look. Good that he remembers, I smiled and looked at my reflection in the mirror in front of me, it only took a matter of a couple of minutes.

I studied my face, my head. Waited for the change money, I looked outside, 'What should I do for the rest of the day?'

Then there was him, my ex boyfriend face covered the cloud of doubts on my mind.
We talked for quite long on the phone last Friday evening. He teased me when I failed to recognized his voice, 'what a cocky person you are,' he said in his dramatic tone yet I heard the cheerfulness and enthusiasm in it.

He would let me know if he got time for a drink or something, I gave myself a reason for taking a waiting policy.  I walked back home with a lighter head, itchy back, and a small plastic bag of lunch meal.

And the day ran onto the corner of the evening, hours slipped away. Christmas songs were filling the second floor, on loop, Celtic woman, Celtic Thunder, Joe...I know it's a bit too early indulging myself with the holiday mood but it's so entertaining.
I got 2  of All I want for Christmas is you, 3  of The Christmas Song, 4 of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, 2  of Last Christmas... ranged from Pop, Classical, to Country and R&B. Whatever, they're fun.