Monday, October 25, 2010

Furiously Hapy

Yes that's right, I'ma crank the music up and dance my ass off!
I've had a few ugly weeks. It tasted stale at the tip of my tongue and fastened the expansion of my facial hair and worsened my bad taste in food.

Adopting the enthusiasm for life from the Bloggess, I am starting my own from this sunny Monday morning, effectively. Feeling good and excited, I have some kickass plan:
  • Get a haircut, the real short one.
  • Dye my hair with either dark brown or gothic dark blue.
  • Buy myself a new motorcycle by the end of this month or early next month.
  • Follow up my crazy idea of having a few days getaway to Singapore with Green.
  • Respond to the month-old emails from some friends and flirt around with new people.
  • Have fun dance and get wasted on the weekend.

Yet, what I really wanna do first is showing Orlando and the rest of them how grateful I am. Take a chance of making one small happiness at a day. I may still find it hard to grasp the hilarity of life and the thrill of it, will take it easy.

It won't hurt to try to be furiously happy, eh?