Sunday, September 12, 2010

Skip this.

We went to the sea today. Down to the 70 feet.
It was my first experience in such a ship. I tried to be enthusiast, like wohooing the pilot when the man of the tour called out his name, I even put on my silly smile when the guide whose name I forgot the next minute he said it in his loosely American accent took two photographs of me sitting on the wall next to the round glass window where one of his diver friends was begging for the fishes attention by sprouting out the pellet from the plastic bottle. I deleted those photos as soon as he handed me my friend's camera.

The less than 30 minutes dive and a short boat ride apparently made everyone were ready to munch on some or all the food on the buffet. Louis was the only red-haired White tourist. There was young  Arabian couple but most of those were Chinese from Java island with two or four kids enslaved by their Blackberries.

I was thinking we'd get Banana boat ride, I asked Louis who was more than ready to finish his light meal. Some kids were staring at him. Nope, that's on another package, he replied.

Well, at least he eventually took the tour. He'd planned it for quite a while when we was sitting on his chair in the evening Toronto time with laundry machine was running on the basement. He's been enjoying his vacation on this island, that what matters the most.

My request for 2-day extension holiday is granted by my boss, the email came this morning, with one hilarious question I answered with a thank you note.

It's 10 pm now. I feel like getting drunk and dance the night away. But not tonite. We're still in Ubud and Louis's not up for a nite out. My right sandal hit a small piece of broken glass on the way home from early dinner, made a fresh blood let out a slight pain when I pressed my feet on the ground.

Going to bed now.