Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Singapore revisited Pt I

Getting some short sleep at nite before gearing up for the next working day has become an ordinary thing for me. Two or three hours, or four, added with a cup of light coffee.

Can't complain.

Occasionally awakened up by the violent thump thump thump noise from the driveway to the hotel behind our room, or by an audible conversation of the nite guard, a much needed drinking water, or pee, or even the harsh noise from my own nose are perfectly acceptable.

A new discovery of a morning mass choral singing from the cocks from the neighborhood, or the seems-to-be-louder noise from the radio are my typical morning call. By this time, I'd bury my face on the pillow, or lie flat on my back, give some solitary moment of blank stare at the wall, or at Adam who'd be either starts running around begging for Ms Sri's attention or sleeps with his chin rests on one if his feet.
I love him, an uncomplicated less demanding POM who barks only when he gets overexcited from the teasing of my housemates. Well, we still need to figure out how to teach him peeing and pooping outside the house.

This morning, both of my mobiles screamed off their alarms at four am, followed by my roommate's mobiles-at their mightiest volumes. He only stirred a little bit, kept his eyes neatly closed. I noticed later. That eve before I switched off the lights that none of us took a shower after went home from the acupuncture clinic. He slept shirtless with the same white knee-low shorts. I tuned to the Disney radio before I hit the shower, took a quickie shave, checked emails, and later found out I had to wait for the driver take a shower. 4:40 am. Anyhow, we managed to sing some song, swap dirty jokes, criticize some Indo song and most  of all,  reach the airport on time. I will text you when I am about to depart in Spore, I told him before I touched the door. I didn't need to wait long on the check in counter, nor in the boarding room, it was great beginning of the trip.

I'm now sitting on the window rear sear, the middle seat is unoccupied while on the other seat is assigned fir this Australian businessman in formal office attire. We talked a bit when I was trying to unwrap the sandwiches in front of me. He is a friendly family guy, with slightly big belly and darkened skin. All the cuties are sitting far behind my seat. What a bummer. It had never really crossed my mind that I'd find slim guy that attractive. I meant White slim men with nice facial hair and lively eyes. There's two men on the front row, with a small boy drilling his fingers on his playstation. A gay couple, maybe? Their dress and hair and sitting position look so European, or French. I cannot see the man who sat next to me on the shuttle bus with a thick book that says Jesus and Mohammed on the cover. Ah, the boy is talking with the man in the middle seat with thick hair gel in non specific accent. The OZ guy is fallen asleep now, lips are partly apart.   

Funnily, I kind of need a hug now, a long strong hug. Or pee.

The pilot just spoke over the mic babbling something, are we there in less than a minute? I dunno. The only thing I know I am going to take the bus downtown instead of the taxi, two buses, pick up the cam and run my feet to Orchard road, maybe my new friend will manage to show up. There will be quite alot of free hours to kill until 9 pm flight home.