Thursday, September 23, 2010


Everytime I sit on the edge of the bed and look out for a small beautiful thing I should be grateful for, I listen to my own breath: I am still alive.

It is just beautiful. The sun.
It feels as if we've completely forgotten how good a day could be without a flash flood and muddy broken small road. I spread out my arms and embraced the warm dashboard, and swam my face to the warm of the sun.

'Hell yeah!' I said outloud and for a moment, Budi, the driver, went silent, doubt whether to rolled his eyes in confusion of my exaggeration or laughing at me for being silly. Not until I turned my head toward him and let out a wild laugh.  Again.

As usual, I had to get off of the car and take a small walk to the wooden bench in front of the Circle K shop until 9 am when the car would be ready to head for the office. That's one and a half hour wait.

I left the house with a smile. Since Ibu Sri has returned, the house returned to its lively spirit. Not that it only becomes clean like its old self, but Adam also gets back kicking and exciting. Being the only baby at the house, he will roam around, goes all over the place with his small feet. And last night was the first time I found out he is now able to pull a Jumper. He can get easily hop into the sofa in the living room just like that. 

That becomes a small concern to me because that dog is having his mating hormonal kicks in. True story. He made me hysterical blasted at him, 'Dude, knock it off, really!! NOW!!' when I saw him stood on his two feet on the heaps of dirty clothes on the floor around the washing machine, literally brushing his own ***** on it. He does the same thing to the blanket and pillows at ****'s room downstairs, and on your leg.

I had never let him sleep on my bed since then. A funny smell on my pillow is not funny, you know.

When I told Ibu Sri about this, she was not surprised at all yet she cant hide her disgusted look.
'I know, rite?!' I said, kept myself from bursting out my horrendous laughter, 'well, let's hope it shall be over soon.'

That doesn't keep her from adoring Adam whatsoever. Seeing Adam running frantically when she showed up before seven this morning, like a mothball blown hard, she looked at him and called out his name in that motherly tone.

I sat alone on the road, witnessing the predictable busy morning life of local merchants in Ubud. It's been a while I hadn't took a ride on ****'s car.

Such a relieving short change.

The motorcycle ride with **** is always quite overwhelming, actually. Not only I always end up sitting nervously behind him and have a tight grip on the tip of the motorbike's tail, breathing inconveniently in the smelly helmet, or having to put up with his sometimes reckless speed, or the not-so-funny out-of-nowhere rain, it's the pain in the ass what affects me the most. Literally a pain. in the ass. My butt hurts from sitting on it. Which adds more discouragement on my plan on learn to ride the motorbike.

Up till now, I still cant get myself a real commitment in sitting on the motorcycle and start it on.

'You got the whole weekends to do so,' commented Ibu Sri this morning and mentioned that her husband is more than willing to teach me. I only got less than three weeks to get my ass ride one of them motorbikes, I told myself.

'I'll wait for Udin,' I replied, flashed her my smile and headed to the door in the back. Yeah, I know, I'm giving myself a lame-ass excuse.