Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's oficially Summer, if there's such a thing in Asia.

This is simply. Beautiful.

Nothing happened. Thursday will come from the corner of the room in a matter of hours. Things are a bit slow and monotonous when O and others are away for such a long time. 
It lacks of life so I avoided going downstairs.  When I get home the whole things have turned to its evening mood and there would be nothing much left to do besides an evening meal and a brief talk with others at the house.

I managed to get a haircut a few days ago in the neighborhood barbershop. The small shack has just been painted fresh Green which represents the typical taste of Malay or Moslem folks in Indonesia. It's comforting, the small room which might be only 3 x 3 meters or less boasting two new posters of small captions of horrendous Japanese Korean Chinese men hairstyles that will surely make you look gayer than Clay Aiken, effortlessly.

I was the third customer on the Q. Took a plastic chair next to the wall of a very small room they might transform into a bedroom where more than two or three person would tuck in every night. Plywood wall, the paint on the door has turned pale...I kept on scanning the whole room, they probably can only afford to paint the outside wall and the three wall inside where two  slim mirrors neatly hang on the wall. No FM station invading the room that time, only a vigorous noise of flipping newspapers from the family guy beside me whose boy were sitting mutely, worn out of boredom.

My turn, on the left stool. Make it short, I said, looked at the guy in the mirror. He nodded and reached out for his shaving tool and a small dark-from-dirt hair comb with some loose teeth. Please make it real short, I pleaded when I kind of sensed he would only trim the edge, hesitantly. 
Sensed his growing impatience, I said nothing when he changed the razor head and took an extreme definition of short. Whatever, this looks good on me, I commented and thanked him.
Feeling good, we went off to get ourselves some meal for dinner. 
'Are you becoming a Buddha monk?' teased E when he saw us coming, I recognized the background sound of the stupid game on Facebook he's been religiously playing nite and day, 'No, I always get this haircut,' I replied and sat next to him, saw his car body shop on the screen.

'What lever are you now?' I asked without being earnest to know anything about it. '26,' he replied, adjusted his glasses. 'There you go!!' I responded from the toilet, relieved my much needed pee. 

I am not the only one who feels the slightly unbearable silence at the house. He makes comments or asks questions when they will return. 

'I miss'em all, too,' I lied on my back on the bed, trying not to listen to his game sound. O will get all psyched when he see Adam, nice fur and round healthy body.

Sometimes we cheer ourselves up with the same old question, 'Where are we going this weekend?!!' The fact is, I'm not even looking forward for the weekend. 

We're craving for more personalities around us. And this conversation will, at least, last for a few minutes until one of us would voluntarily say it's about the time to call it a day. 
Yet, we would find ourselves finding the good sleeping position, and listen to our own breath in the middle of the night.

 This morning, I shaved my face. And left some scar, as usual. Will always. That's my weakness.
It came to my mind that I need to write back to a visiting friend from the Netherlands who asks if I can swim. An invitation of weekend getaway for snorkeling and diving in Amed or Lovina beach, he likes less crowded beaches, unlike me.  

I also remind myself that I need to write back to H&S' two-day old email. Another one from another friend. And another one for my ex landlord in Medan whom I had never heard from for a while.

And I need to make a phone call to mom.

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