Monday, September 20, 2010

The Fragrance of the rainy days

It has been four days yet I am still a little bit worn out from seven days roaming around Bali keeping Louis a company.

The other day I sat on the far right corner of the bed, staring at the hysterical audiences of Oprah, at four in the morning.  I become less and less familiar with whatever TV programs being aired on TV these days. Due to the significant time difference with the CT or PT in the States, most of the good programs start at the break of the dawn.

Last nite, it was two thirty in the morning. I felt a sheet of warm air covered my chest. A cold sweat. A string of dreams I can't recall. The bed is big enough to accommodate another two slim bodies on my left, our fight for the only blanket doesn't really matter at all. Soon I tip toed on the cold tiles carrying one pillow with me, jumped on the naked queen-sized bedroom in the guestroom.


I felt strange in the room I use to sleep in some months ago. 
I ignored my thirst knowing that I've had to go downstairs to get a glass water. 
I wanted to take a shower, the cold one. 
I wanted to return to the bed next room and switch on the laptop and watch online TV. 
I wanted the morning sun put on some speed.
But none of them mattered.

My eyes were wide opened just a few ticks before the alarm blasted off.
Another dream.
The room always seems too big in the morning. I felt so much better. The two men were still lying on the bed though one of them might have been spending some time listening to the morning noise from the villa's driveway behind the house.

It was a real ugly morning. With my jeans rolled high up to my knees, wore sandals, and sat uncomfortably on the backseat of the motorbike with half of my body protected by the blue raincoat, I tried to make out what was around me from the wet misty helmet.
It were either a rude splash from the wheels of my Ed's motorcycle or some the speeding cars would eventually whipped hard my feet or raincoat.  The flash flood took place everywhere.

Mom's voice came to my head, 'Two baby pigs I just bought died this week.'

And for a while, I saw myself dancing along with the rhythm of the rain and the gloomy day.

I might stay up again tonite, maybe another Cartoon Network hours or MBC2 Arabia.