Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sleazy Sunday, ya'll

It rained alot on Saturday. A housemate had this high temperature most of the day, on his birthday. After sliced down his cakes and shared each slices to everyone he retreated to his room and hid under the thick blanket. We decided to stay at home. And the boys cooked lots of pizzas for everyone in  the evening.

Today provided the pretty much the same bleak weather, well, yes, the morning was fine. I started to feel the whole place is a bit too cold in the afternoon. A Dutch couple friend of mine arrived two days ago in Bali, been asked if I could meet up at some point with them today. Everyone seemed like taking this day as a lazy day.

And the great part has just started, my eyes feel so heavy, my cheek and the whole body feel like burning. And a migraine. And a sore throat.

Going to bed now.

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