Wednesday, August 25, 2010


In five hours from now I should hit the road and drag the backpack with me...hit the road to catch the early morning flight to Jakarta...yet another less-in-a day business trip. My body defies the importance of a night rest.
It crossed my mind to reach a friend who resides a few hours from the capital city...or another friend who is rarely swap some messages on Facebook...better not at all.

Kind of hope I WILL be able to get some me-time this Sunday and head for the beach...soaking my overloaded mind with random list of guilty pleasures like taking a few solitude hours under the sun, perhaps going for a solo karaoke at Discovery mall, greasing my hands with the fattie KFC for lunch and keeping the Classical music roaring mildly through the headset.
Yeah, I would take the first bus in the morning.
And..switch off all mobiles.