Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Weekenders

It has been a hell of a week! Loving it!
The unpredictable and mostly undeniably confusing weather has a better effect on myself last week, I am awfully felt alive. Sometimes you dont need a smart reason to be happy, rite?
Maybe it is because of the iPod which has been bringing me much colors and merriment in my life, especially in the morning when I need the best tunes to boost up my enthusiasm for the day; or, in the evening, just a few minutes before I laid by body on my back and listen to classical music or the French Audio Lesson that, later I found out, has the same strong effect on me getting doze off quickly.

Mom came with some good news, a wedding and more celebrations from our relatives. She always successfully brings the crispy laughable or imminent melancholy memories, a fresh beats of the past and a strengthening longing for coming back to the moment where I found myself standing in the altar of our small church, clamped both of my hands to my sisters who comfortably on my sides, looking at the cameraman and both of my parents behind him whose radiant, happy, proud faces illuminated the childish heart of mine.

The invitation from Sina and Anna to spend the Friday and Saturday traveling and climb up the volcanic mount Batur gave me an ultimate satisfaction. Never has been in my life I indulged myself hours of pleasure on a hotspring pool. The climb was an epic one, the overwhelming cold air and the cheerfulness of the fellow trekkers were undeniably entertaining. Even the long road and the spread of the rice field scenery made the ride more enjoyable.

A special thanks for Sina and Anna for taking me in those wonderful trips.