Friday, July 2, 2010


Glorious sunny morning three days in a row, loving it!!

There i was, sitting cozily on the front seat next to Snowy who drove perfectly, we fell silent in a while, absorbing the nice weather and feasting our eyes to the scenery outside the car windows. Nice rice fields, lines of shops with craven wooden  or stone sculptures. I tried to catch a glimpse of beautiful faces, smiley faces, anything beautiful to start a nice day with.

The FM station was on, the jokes were not funny but I appreciate the DJs efforts, I kept on looking outside, I have memorized the route to work by heart now, 'When I have to drive motorbike to work, I won't get lost,' I convinced myself, smiled.

Then came this catchy tune that got all of my attention for good. The lyrics goes like this,  'I was tryin' to cross the street When I tripped and spilled my coffee On a man who yelled at me And then walked off in a hurry Now he's gonna be late for work So he called his secretary Said to cancel his appointment with the guy in the lobby Who's been waiting for a while And talking on the phone Got invited to a party and thought he couldn't go...'

Hell yeah!! It is a real powerful feel-good song I heard for the first time for the last few months!!

They played commercials after the song finished, I was left immensely impressed. I sort of guessed the singer's name, which I was correct. Love her musicality so much.

Here it is, Natasha Bedingfield's latest single, Touch, from her upcoming album.