Thursday, July 1, 2010

It is the second day of a strikingly beautiful sunny afternoon.  Everything seems so perfect outside, the swaying coconut tree leaves, the lush and green newly planted paddies...and the fine breeze. God, it is so beautiful. We miss this perfect summer-like weather for ages.


I can see me running my fingers in the salty air from the ragging sea, feasting my eyes with the waves and the passersby, laying on my back under the shade...

Anyway, should get my head back to the paper-works!

Made a inquiry phone call to one of our stationary stores after sent off one of our couriers went down to their store with the Green folder map and File tag. 'So, you need this, um, color, for the map? 120, is that correct,' she muttered on the phone, then talked with another woman in wherever room she was, I said yes loudly to get her attention back to our phone call.

'See, we do not have the exact file tag you're asking for. We only got this white....' she went on describing it with a great failure putting it clearly.

'Tell you what, give one sample to our staff and I will let you know whether we're gonna order it or not. Will that be okay?' I cut her off. She said OK, after I thanked her and said bye, just a slightly a few seconds before I hang up the phone she said pretty outloud , 'He is asking for the Ugly Green. He is asking for the Ugly Green.'