Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things I learned today, sort of.

The rain in the morning, the much-needed exciting sun in the afternoon, and the threatening dark cloud in the early evening,  a short nap in the truck ride on the bumpy road, a lunch at my old neighborhood in Denpasar, the slow ride of motorbike home because of the slow-pace Balinese  Hindu procession on the main road... It has been pretty exciting day for me.

Throughout the day, I learned two invaluable things from people around me:
  1. Good-looking men always smile. Or, is it their goddamn effortless beauty?  Having said that, I am wearing a piece of affordable good smile on my face from now on. No, not that moronic silly smile you gave when you realized you just made a stupid comment on something in a meeting. I saw some hotties on the road on my home this evening. True story.
  2. I need to force myself real hard to get on the floor to start the so-called morning workout. This belly is a nightmare, I dont like that reflection on the mirror. It takes sweat and more to get into at least, a better abs belly, rite? So, I was scrolling down the tons of videos on Youtube and stared at three hardcore workout specifically for the lazybum who doesnt want get  sweaty for  more than 10 minutes workout.
  3. Keep my sense of humor in any Situation, I learned this from my boss. Despite the circumstances or whatever issues he handles, he, one of the very few, can always lights up the situation by his jokes. 
  4. I am one hundred percent sure I need to buy an iPod Touch. Sooner or later. 
Wait, I think I just gave four things I learned today.  You're welcome!