Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is being electable to lie back on the grass and watch the clouds pass overheard make me a Nudist?

I Stumble on this wesbite when I am in much need of insightful thingie to freshen up the cold and wet rainy day. I clicked on the test which description as follow,'Answer the following questions to find out how much of a hedonist you are.' Developed by Christophe André, psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

However, I couldnt answer this question:
None of the options represent myself, but I cannot leave it blank, so I played with the mouse which clicked on the first answer, which perfectly channeling my Naturist self. Ehm. Not really, I am not a nudist.

Then come another dead-end question:
Does it really define your so-called happiness? Shit, what a question.  I stared hard at the question, then at the option answers. A revelation? I knew my sexual orientation and had the first time was not a revelation of my sexuality at all. Delectable? I'm sorry ************* but it was not . Purposeful? Bad answer, it's not like a real goal of mine. Exciting? I wished. There I was, bound to answer that stupid question, okay, I clicked on Delectable, another lied. Hey, you are supposed to give the right/honest answer to such test, arent you?

The result is not really disappointing, but I'm kind of suspicious it is the stupid machine that fools around with this test.

Now, it's my turn to ask a question:
Can I use this result for my tons of 'About Me' on dating and social network websites?