Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am having the best of my day right now.

I literally cannot fight my sleepy eyes. The dinner was over, the plates have been removed. I missed that Ceasar Salad so much so you can see how beamy my eyes were and how playful my mouth and tongue when my fork dancing around and groping the greenies. Salad is heaven. The rain has deceased into shy shower, some tourist walked casually on the narrow pavements in front of the stacks of restaurants and boutiques along the road. No main course, I ordered a brownies, a piece I stared hard for quite a while because its size and how sweet it looked. My housemate worked his way to bite the satay, looked at me curiously, 'You've got to help me this time, dude,' I looked at him. I ate the brownies slowly, wished I did not asked for it, 'Okay, here you are,' I said while sliced and put the largest cut to his satay plate. He tried to protest by blocking my fork with his satay stick, 'Look, you mixed it with the sauce,' he weakly protested.

He liked it, sure thing. I smiled at him and looked out on the road, examining each passer-by's expression, deep inside, hoping would see some interesting fellow-even just for viewing pleasure.

My attention soon drawn to this White parents with a son who looked Exactly like his dad, or, a Dad who looked exactly like his boy, I dunno, either way. The boy wears a blondie hair, reached his ear-tip, sat elegantly next to his mom who, again, looked like the son and the husband, funny. They talked in moderate volume, I tried to catch up with what they were talking about but can only distinct their American accent, just like the glass-eyed girl who sat on the table behind them. The more I saw the boy, the more I like how he behave, his talked and how he played with his hand to emphasize whatever he tried to say is adorable, or, intelligent.

I liked him the most when he surrendered to his weary body, curled up in the chair. 'Wake up, son. We're not staying here forever,' the dad said while got up from his seat and shaked the small daughter who put on whatthefuckiwanttosleep pouty face, struggled to bent down under the table looking for her other sandal. The boy, now rested his small head on the back of the chair, rubbed his eyes, and fell asleep again.  The patient mom with eye-glasses sighed, uttered his name again, 'Please wake up, hon, we need to go now,' It took a while until the boy got on his feet and held his mom's right hand, followed them while keeping his sleepy mode. I laughed, cant help it, the mom looked at me, offered a smile.

I dont really like kids but this kind of unfussy kid is an exception. When they're gone, something crossed my mind, 'Hope the Dad doesnt find me creepy for shamelessly observing his family.'

Fuck, I cant fight my sleepiness. My housemate looked bored as well. We've been silent for a while, he and the newspaper.

Finally crushed into the couch at midnite, dozzed off until 7 am. I felt something wrong with my stomach. I went upstairs, did my short workout and headed to shower, putting my sweaty head under the cold shower, stood there for a while, enjoying the cold stream washing away the heat.
Walked out of the glass door, I stood in front of the waist height mirror, watching my own figure, my supposed to be abs stomach, 'Gotta work on that thing, harder.' Don't get me wrong, i am not a muscle worshiper. Being proportional shape and healthy are my real goal.

Punker looked miserable, with that black jacket, he rode his motor, silent, with pale face and red nose. The weather is pretty messed up, too, and some are started to suffer from cold & flu. Hope mine is immune enough besides my two long-refuge to the restroom before the lunchtime is quite overwhelming, diarrhea is suckass, and the migraine I am trying to ignore right now helps me appreciate (healthy) life more.

I checked out my Manjam profile and checked out the tracklist. It is always entertaining to read the one-liner subject of those profiles, not to mention their viewfrombedroomi'mcheap kind of profile pictures. One particular profile attracted my attention, on the right side of his photo, his one-line text says it well,
'You can be replaced.'
I mean, what's his idea of headlining his profile with that backoffyoujerk line? LOL

And another interesting thing, I chatted with one attractive lad (at my age, more or less) who kept calling me mate though I asked him to call my own first name. He has well-written positive profile, though works in 'rear-end' industry. Nonetheless, I am still keen on getting to know him and who knows, we can really be friends.

Oh, the rain is coming again.