Sunday, May 9, 2010


Is the gravity, indeed, working against me?
I looked deeper into the naked truth of what is going on in my so-called life and prayed there would be a sign of assurance...I found a contagious sadness that I helplessly embrace with withered confidence: Nothing  much.
I stopped giving myself answers I had been looking for from those faces, they are worn out of the circumstances they are living in.
I cannot find my purpose of holding on to the present...Not yet, unfortunately. I have told myself again and again to leave the whole trivial things.
Why everything feels so unreal, and  most of all, temporary?
It  still does feel so. Evethough sometimes I feel like giving up...I know...I simply can’t because...
I fucking can’t.
No, I dont buy there’s-more-to-life crap, and I am not giving a damn on thing-happens-for-a-reason shit. The only reason for me to  keep holding on is because I have PLANS in life I need to achieve and I want to look back in the past with a piece of gratitude, a contentment, no matter how shiteous they were.
And I do care about these people, alot.
Come what may...and let me finsih my yoghurt.
Do not ask me what is going on. Seriously.