Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shortie on Thursday

I love the photo above, it is simply beautiful in many words.
Anyway, it has been uneventful week besides the exciting rain.  Monday was just awesome. I had a very short sleep before I woke up and found Adam, the newly bought adopted three-month male puppy, slept between my legs, his fury ass facing me, looked cute as hell. Before I finished made the mattress, he had peed on the hall way to the kitchen and cheerfully ran back at me, cheerfully begging for attention.

Took  a quick shower and ran my fingers to the water dispenser, remembered I hadnt had consumed enough water the other day, I gulped down a couple of glasses and then reached out for the yellow banana-my breakfast of the day, should've bought some brown wheat bread.

The motorbike ride in the crispy cold morning was fine, no much cars nor motorbikes on the way.

'Can we please stop by at the post office?' May 10, the last day for paying my monthly tax. There were a couple, or were the just happened to be seated next to each other, waited for their names to be called by this young apprentice girl behind the waist-height counter. 'Please take a seat,' she cordially said without looking up at me, eyes and hands were fully concentrated on the tax papers on her neatly organized table.

I walked slowly to the seat on the right wall from the main entrance, Punker sat on the concrete  stair outside, head overlooking the Bali Buddha shop across the tiny road.

I think I waited longer than I should be, so I looked in the direction of the girl's desk, her serious look fixed at the computer, 'Na ah, this is not good,' I said to myself, the clock said it was only a few mins to nine am. I raised up, swept my jeans and walked toward the counter, 'Are you having a problem with your computer or something? Because it has been a while,' I smiled weakly. She apologized and asked me to wait a little longer.

My mobile belted out the latest song from the Train, Hey Soul Sister. Mom's name was on the screen.
Two deaths, a 7-point-something richter scale Earthquake, a rarity of fish, and sick elder sister.

On the way back home that evening, we got soaked wet. I sat uncomfortably behind Punker holding tight on the laptop backpack tripled-wrapped in the Ace Hardware shopping plastic bag, begging to god it won't get wet, ignored the chill. My breath was harder with the helmet on, I occasionally looked at Punker's shivering figure as he speed up.

Tuesday, a local holiday, Balinese Hindu celebrated a few days of Galungan and etc. I stayed at home did nothing entertaining or smart.

Today, like the other days, rain hit hard the earth at odd times. I dog-sitting Adam while online now and then. It was a failed attempt to get a nap time, my head kept on rummaging on some thoughts, random things that made me cant help listen to my own breath and count my heart beat. I closed my eyes, took the noise from the TV as a comforting noise.

Incoming text message. I replied but called him back and set the record straight. He said sorry and I said it is ok, hang up, and got another sorry sms. Whatever, it was not a big deal at all.

Hope tomorrow will be sunny and all, I need to resume and finish my works at the office. Not really looking forward to the weekend because I have no plan at all.