Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Nite

'There is something wrong with the aircond in this car,' he said while his left palm cupped the small wind-chimney thing on the dashboard, I  look at his expression, did the same with my left palm.
The car is facing the Kuta beach, the strong stormy wind put me into a starvation though I had a small portion of steamed rice with fried fish before we left the house.

'What you say if we take a walk to the McD?' I looked at his wandering eyes to the right side of the road, we can see the bright M around two hundred meters from where we stood, the sky had no stars at all, and the tourists and local people who walked pass us looked kind of concerned with the rain threat.

'It is,' he bent his head, 'far.' I smiled at him, 'Are you kidding?!' I let a hearty laugh, 'I do feel like stuffing my mouth with that fat fries and oily chicken and you can catch up with the F1 thing, I saw a TV screen when we drive past it.'

Well, the silence means a no, 'Okay, we can wait till eleven and sleep in the car,' I said. He adjusted his seat to the most comfortable position, I tried mine, couldnt stand it, so I sat up straight and grab the full-of-ads free magazines from the back seat and stared at the models and buildings, kept my eye from any text, the model for Paul Ropp on the back cover looked totally cute. Whatever. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sound of the waves, 'Fuck, I am not even sleepy!' I turned y head to the right, Komang's face cast in the dark shadow of the night looked all cozy.  I was thinking of walking down the beach until it is about the time to go to the airport, It has no light unlike the other beach on the far left close to the Hard Rock Hotel.  I miss the chance of waking up in the Z-list hotel close to the beach in the morning and spend the whole day cruising the small alleys full of shops and faces, on my own.

His alarm on the mobile softly hollering, the blinking light...I grabbed it, he set his alarm at 10.30 pm. I put it back, waited for my 11pm alarm to take its turn to let out a mighty annoying tune but he raised up, all sleepy, 'should we go now?' I nodded.  'Damn, I am still so sleepy.'

When everyone was in the car and everything had been stuffed behind, I closed my eyes, sensed Udin occasionally looked at me and Punker on the other side. He sighed and yawned now and then, rubbed his neck, sat back.

I jumped into the thin mattress as soon as i took off my shoes and changed my clothes, I heard Udin was still playing around with Adam, and others were talking on the other room, I was not sleepy yet I didnt know what was the point of staying awake at those late nite hours.

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