Friday, May 28, 2010

If we ever meet again

We arrived at the shooting location five minutes earlier than the schedule. Everyone had no much sleep, and we were starving, no breakfast, no morning tea/coffee, nothing. P met us on the across the street from the location, black tee and sunglasses matched his rectangular face and pointy nose.

Unloading the equipments, checked.

Bought food and water for the boys, checked.

Spotted someone who instantly put me in jeopardy interesting mood. He is not someone you call WOW, he doesnt have this extravagant air in him...I checked him out most of the time. He gets down with his boys carrying the grey-painted wood boxes, pats people on the shoulders and gesticulates alot.

I love beautiful distraction and he is simply my kind of man, he has this strong positive character in him and that body is just alright.

I showed my interest by shamelessly fixed my eyes on him, when he passed by, I gave him my smile-all the time.

No, that's not him, he is ALOT cuter! And very energetic.

When I like someone THAT much, I'd be stupid enough and not be able to talk to him or say something smart.

8pm, between office and shooting location, i had been going places and seeing him makes it all nice, i know this totally sounds pathetic. It is.

Then he walked my way, I raised from the box and smiled at him, again. He talked with one of the men who were sitting on the unfinished concrete stairs. Talk to me!

He did.

'After 11 hour-a-day work for seven days, I hope this shooting will be done successfully and I will paaartyyy!' he lifted both his hands to his head then to the dark night sky, 'woooh!'

Let me hug you, tight.

I smiled at him. There we were, having a small talk and I wish I could just ask him if he is available or not. Okay, that sounds so un-professional and unethical, but the fact I will not see him after that night...of course I didnt ask him. An adorable man like him cant be single. I shaked it off.

I asked him some 'safe' questions mostly related to the shooting. He kindly gave good answers and that goddamn eyes and face, I am such a looser!

Johan. And he spells it with a 'Y', the typical Spanish name, I guess.

I followed him with my eyes all night, and sadly went home at 4:30am with starvation for food, and love.

If we ever meet again, I will take the risk and ask for his number/email and ask what I'm dying to ask for.

If we ever meet again.