Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yes, I do crawl.

My sleeping habit is getting weirder, seriously. I basically crawled on the mattress as if I were not only protecting myself from the cold rainy season evening breeze but also from some silly invisible things that would abduct me. No, not Alien nor Zombie, silly.

I slept like the dude below, only worse.

I woke up this morning with a pain on my waist and on my neck. And found out everyone else slept on the sofa, three of them. Funny.
Ran my fingers on the computer: two new emails, one comment on Facebook, some funny posts on Perezhilton and watched a bit of MTV Italy's longest commercials parade before Ibu Sri and her husband came, and Punker stood behind my back saying am I going to work with him.

I gave him a blank stare, my lips were slightly opened, fell silent.

'I thought I don't go to work on Saturdays?' I hummed to myself and he was like, 'sorry?' I smiled at him, looked back at the computer, an Italian singer belted out a whiny song. 'Please give me five minutes to freshen up a bit,' I said then ran upstairs.

'Fuck' I stopped in front of the door, right hand rummaging my shorts pocket; the key was on the kitchen table downstairs.

But hey, the motorbike ride was sort of refreshing eventhough I obviously wore the wrong helmet. So, these were some of nice things I saw on the way to the office:

  • Half-deserted road along the way, expect some students in their boy scout uniforms sat lazily on the roadside waiting for the school's bell shouting at them to say Go Home.
  • A strikingly good-looking tourist dude in his sporty shorts and short-sleeved shirt, wrinkling and cover his eyes with his right hand from the sun, walked handsomely scanning the mostly closed lines of small shops along the roadside.
  • A few Balinese Hindu carts in front of some Banjar, seems there is gonna be another big ceremony.
  • Surprisingly, a lot of smiley faces! Are they feeling it? The Weekend spirit? This particular nice big fat kindegarten girl who held tight on her daddy's waist on the motorbike. Her smile was so radiant, contagious that it gave a tickles of warm happiness in my heart. As we ride passed the slow-riding daddy, I got a perfect view of her small rounded dark skinned face and she was still offering her sweet little smile. 'I love kids!' I said to myself, 'but only the nice behaved one.' Punker was in full concentration riding the motorbike, missed the one turn so we took the alternative route, or was he has many things running on his mind like mine?
  • It feels chiller/colder as we were getting closer to the Abuan village. It definitely is. 

Apparently, Pak Wan will do the painting at home, and mybe my quirky hands will not be on demand for painting some part of the wall. *Jumping in ecstasy* Um, yeah, I dont really like doing home improvement thingie.

So, what's in store for this weekend? I have no freaking idea but I am loving it.