Thursday, April 15, 2010


Thursday morning provides such stunning beautiful morning. It is the Day Two I took a motorbike ride with Punker. I sat straight up behind him, giving him a little space that made my ass touched the tip of the back seat, one of my hand took its turn to hold tight on the sideways of the seat to avoid my (stupid) helmet keeps on hitting the back of his when he suddenly hits the brake. Besides, I kind of figured out/sensed that he is a bit uncomfy with me sitting behind him--has it something to do with my so-called orientation (?) But it is so obvious, anyway, and i won't blame him on being that way. Dude, I cannot ask people not to be homophobic in any degree.

The motorbike ride's only disadvantage is my easily-catch-chill/cold body gets exposed to the wind and dust, and my heavy back (with laptop inside) makes me sitting with one tip of the shoulders lower than the other. And I cannot sing along with the morning music from the FM stations. And the weather (the rain) is the main threat.

On the other hand, I love love love arriving quicker to the office.

Despite of my only a couple of hours sleep last nite, I feel alright, not drowsy or lousy at all. I tuned in to Justin TV website almost all nite long with TF1 France continuously creeping out the strong Franchaise accent that haunted my ears until I woke up around 4 am. The Skype call with O and with Sina made my day.

I am still waiting on Mom's confirmation whether she has received the renewed ID card...It feels like I am wandering around on this island half naked without that ID card. Everytime I approach government building or the airport, it gets on my nerves, even though I take the copy of my passport, just in case.

I got a good news from one of my besties, I have this good feeling that Green will get the tourist visa to the Schengen countries. He is gonna have a trip around Europe for more than 40 days, how cool is that!! I am happy for him. Lammy suspend his homecoming visit to Indonesia due to some nonadjustable vacation schedule of his boyfriend. And Louis Labrecque is planing on coming to Indonesia in a few months from now.

It feels good.