Monday, April 19, 2010

Shortie 19 April

Monday morning ride to the office felt a lot longer than it used to be, maybe because of the damp air...the bare-naked sun looked so insignificant and powerless, lazily sat behind the thick layers of darkening clouds.

I smiled contently at Punker. He looked fresh and ready to start the day with the brand new shoes and nice green jacket. 'How was your weekend?' He rode carefully as we passed a sharp turn, he hit the bell (do you call it Bell or honk?) to give signal to another riders or drivers from the other direction, 'I stayed at home' he said.

I tightened my helmet which still feels funny, I can hardly breathe easily and my ears caught these wind noise as if there were flights flying close above my head. My head is always crooked to either side, tried to entertain myself during the 30 minutes ride by catching the glimpse of whatever stood on the roadside. There was many policemen today. They are scattered everywhere.

Ibu Sri walked toward me and was like, 'I saw three big buffed scary military-looked men at the hotel next door,' her rhythmic high-pitched Javanese voice hit my ears. I just woke up from my unusual nap and sat lazily on the sofa in the living room, holding my stomach thinking what would I eat for dinner.

'hm?' I looked at her, tried to be totally awake so she wouldnt think I ignore her, 'they are cops?'
I know, stupid question.

She didn't respond to it, instead, she said the three men went upstairs and stayed inside for a little while, 'Maybe they were just doing something up there, eh?' she said hesitantly, 'you know, seeing friends?'

I grinned, wasnt sure what did she try to say.

The not so big and exciting news is our so-called president is in town today, yesterday I watched Arabic and some Spanish online channels so I had no idea what is he doing on this island that he makes every single hotel has to provide a free room and meal to three cops/military dudes to hang around guard the place.

It's already three minutes past five in the afternoon. Gotta packing up and get back home a bit earlier because Komang has got to pick up Udin from the bus station at five.

Have a nice Monday, folks.