Friday, April 23, 2010

It is freaking. Awesome

This week has been a bit uneventful for some reason but hey, I am doing good with less sleep and total abandonment of any book reading and big fat zero workout and irregular meal time and some god knows what else.

Sister called twice (or was it three times and some string of text messages). Yeah, we are THAT close. It takes four days to get the new ID card that i have been waiting for a few weeks. The local government back in my hometown always comes with lameass news like it would take forever longer to get the new ID card done because, now watch this, their crappy Medieval old computer didnt work.
So, that will be to-day or next Monday.

Mom called yesterday afternoon saying she'd go to attend a wed party out of town and she would hit the road at five a.m. I heard someone else's voice on the background, 'Is Renata or Nenny there?' I asked.

'Oh, its Mrs. ******,' mom responded,'you know, she rents out the house next door?' Then there was silent. I looked out of the office room, the rain was so fiercely hitting the glass window, the studio was in total silence except the rude noise from the rain and my own breath. It was a bit cold in the room with the aircond on, I sat still waiting for any respond from the other end of the phone. I wondered where on earth did she go...until this loud exciting female voice hit the speaker, 'Hey Jerry, how are you doing?' she let out a hearty laughter.

'Horas, I am doing fine, um,' I stopped, hesitated what to call her but she might knew this, 'just call me sister,' she said, there was chuckles on her voice. I can picture mom was all smiley looked at this woman held the old-fashioned mobile phone of mom on either of her palm, with the speaker on. I knew this because when I answered her when-you-will-introduce-your-girlfriend-to-us question with a  simple Barf (true story) both of them bursted out some laughter.

She went on with her interrogation but yeah, I outsmarted her with absurd answers. While listening to her, I cannot remember how does she look like, i can only remember she has a cheerful tone and loud kids, I mean crying kids.

'Are you coming this Christmas?' she asked. I was so aware that mom listened to this, 'I cannot say I would or I won't. We will see, sister. You see, the flight tickets go crazy on that season.' She said hmm and said she now will give the phone to mom.

Here are some updates that happened in this week:I sort of re-connected with a Brit friend. I opened a new chapter of friendship with my ex. Another friend is started feeding out wacky Facebook updates as if she has been taking too much recreational pills. Another friend will have his birthday tomorrow, I stupidly  lost 200K two days ago and I am trying to get over it. I need to buy some new socks. A pair of shoes, a couple of jeans, and a shaving stuffs. I discovered so many fun ways to catch up with US Cable channels and some TV shows I like. What I love the most is TBS.

It's raining. Again. And the best way to overcome any discomfort is to let it flow and try to remember the latest episode of South Park.

Ah, there comes the sun...