Sunday, April 25, 2010

I am (not) feeling (so) good.

I was woken up several times throughout the nite and got up from the comfortable brown sofa with this uptight feeling. The bunch of unwanted dreams, somehow, squeezed the life out of me as if they were trying to say  that somewhere, at this very moment, something goes wrong. Or gonna happen. I am feeling kind of worn out and...afraid, a sense of undescribable anxiety.

Or...maybe they are nothing but random dreams people sometimes get.

Fuck those goddamn dreams.

Come whatever, I am ready for life taking its own course. Yes, I am feeling THAT anxiety right now.

Anyway, it's Sunday and O will arrive this afternoon, I should not show craappy face and shitty mood. He needs supportive people now.

I will do my push-ups and the so-called small workouts.

Happy weekend, folks.